E = mc^2 Explained with Worked Examples

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Einstein The purpose of these pages is to explain E = mc2 in a clear, concise and understandable way with easily followed worked examples, and with further pages examining the special theory of relativity in order to describe its background.

Albert Einstein published his Special Theory of Relativity in 1905 and in doing so discovered that mass and energy are actually the same thing, with one a tightly compressed manifestation of the other. This mass-energy equivalence has had a major impact on all our lives, although how and why isn't always obvious. While relativity has a reputation for being difficult much of it can be understood by anyone.

E = mc2

The Basics What do the E = mc2 units mean?
Solving the Equation A simple walk-through of the equation
Deriving the Equation 1 Deriving E = mc2 without calculus
Deriving the Equation 2 Deriving E = mc2 using calculus (advanced)
Energy from Radioactive Decay What is radioactive decay?
Energy from Nuclear Fission Pulling atoms apart
Energy from Nuclear Fusion Squeezing atoms together
Quiz! Think you know your stuff? Take the E = mc2 quiz!

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Special Relativity Pages

Special Relativity in 15 Minutes! A quick summary of Special Relativity
Time Dilation How time changes during very high speed travel
Time Dilation Worked Examples Solving the time dilation equation
Time Dilation at "Low" Speeds How is time affected when flying?
The Constant Speed of Light Light is very, very strange...
Speed, Frequency and Wavelength How they are mathematically linked
The Light Clock A theoretical proof of time dilation
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